We are a leading producer of live events
serving the Technology industry.

“I know it works because I saw it at the events.” Inspired with the dynamics of live events, we produces more than dozens of live events to serve stake holders of the technology market. No matter how much on-line technology grows, we believe the power of live events. We provide the face to face market place where people, technology and products/services get together to explore the possibility for the connected world.


Nano OPT Media has based its business growth on the sciene technology Media.

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Date of Establishment February 28th, 2000
Capital 100 million yen
Board of Directors Hiroshi Fujiwara, Chairman and Executive Director
Yasuaki Oshima, President
Teiji Aoki, Executive Vice-President
Osamu Nakamura, Dr. / Outside Director
Katsumi Niwa / Auditor
Parent Company Internet Research Institute, Inc.
Office Location 3F, Uni-works SHINJUKU GYOEN, 1-12-5 Shinjuku,
Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, 160-0022, Japan
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